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Photo Stamps give you the chance to turn your personal photos into real U.S. Postage Stamps.

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After the most successful market test during 2005 in which over 4.75 million users. Photo Stamps were sold in just 3 months, Since the US Postal Service. has approved the use of personal stamps in the us mail. But before you go totally postal take a turn to Photo Stamps and make your memories picture perfect. Stamps we can use for the U.S. Postal Service then you can have your photos on postage stamps.

Photo Stamp Discount

You can make a few practice photos. We have found that it often takes a number of stamps before the image starts to look it's best. Photo Stamp products can provide a service that can give your family pride and joy for years to come.Take your own photographs then turn them into real US postage stamps. When you see a picture you like then use our Photo Stamps, you will be very happy to have the U.S. Postal Service. They will accept your US mail and process it with their normal great service.Photo Stamps from will be the best postage product you can buy. | Baby Postage| Contact US | Sitemap | Personal | Postage | Promotion| Discounts| Information| Photo Blockers| Photo Books