Personal Photo Stamps

Photo Stamps give you the chance to turn your personal photos into real U.S. Postage Stamps.

Photo Stamps

Personalized Photo Stamps

Selecting Postage Value You can select the value of the postage from any of the following: $0.24, $0.39, $0.52, $0.63, $0.87, $1.11 and $4.05. By clicking "Email It", you can send your postage design to a friend to review. Your friend will be able to edit and order postage from your design. Creating Photo Stamps is as easy as 1-2-3! Photo Stamps are an exciting new product that lets you take your own images or photographs and turn them into real U.S. postage! Photo Stamps from the U.S. Postage, based on a technology approved USPS Postage, which is what creates the bar code you see to the right of the image area on Photo Stamps. Only vendors that are licensed and approved to produce US Postage may display the promo.

Personal Photo Stamps

The best thing to know is that you need to use the best based ink. Regular ink will not work because it is too thin, and, again, will produce a blurry image. The ick we use has a quick drying inks. Photo Stamps Are Here! Special Offer: Upload Your Pictures Today Create Your Own Stamps: Photo stamps are a great new way to add your personalized touch to any type of mail, by turning your own photos into real US postage! The great uses are limitless, and our new upload and customization tools make it easy to create your stamps in just a few minutes. | Baby Postage| Contact US | Sitemap | Personal | Postage | Promotion| Discounts| Information| Photo Blockers| Photo Books