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Phantom Plate - Manufacturer of Photoblocker spray.Buy ant red light and speed camera protection. Make your license plate invisible to cameras. Photo Blocker, Photo Shield and Reflector defeats Photo Radar and Red Light Cameras anti tickets, anti red light camera, anti speed camera, anti photos, Anti ticket spray, automated traffic enforcement, automatic license plate recognition, Automatic number plate recognition, vehicle , avoiding traffic tickets, barrier, camera, car, citation, defeat photo radar, detection, detector, detectors, digital camera, redlight, red-light, red-light-camera, Reflector, Reg, registration plate, remote, revenue, roadangel, robot, run a red light, running, sensor loop, signal, signal timing, Snooper, speed, speed cam, speed cam tickets, speed camera, speed camera detector, speed camera detector review, speed cameras, speedcam, speedcamera, speedcameras, speeding, speedmap, speedtrap, spray, Stealth License plate cover, tag cover, ticket, time, Toll, traffic, Traffic Camera, traffic light.

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GPS Satellites Speed Camera Warning System! The provisions contained in this Agreement constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement, and no statement or inducement with respect to such subject matter by any party which is not contained in this Agreement shall be valid or binding between the parties.

We have great news to share. Today we launched our newest satellite based red light and speed camera driver warning system. These GPS based devices are designed to warn drivers of all impending speed traps, red light and speed cameras in North America. They are guaranteed to help you avoid costly traffic tickets by giving you enough advance warning on impending traps. In addition to our best-selling passive anti-red light camera protection products, we will also be adding Radar and Laser Detectors. What’s in it for you? We offer a sales price for all of our NEW Satellite GPS based red light camera systems and also radar laser detectors. We still have our PhotoBlocker and PhotoShield product sales. What applies to GPS and radar laser detectors. The average price for these products is alot less then an other prices you will find anywhere. How it works Over the past several years we have been mapping out the locations of all red light, speed camera and speed traps in USA and Canada. Using 24 GPS satellites that are overhead our NavAlert system tracks all traffic enforcement locations and devices to give you audible warning upon approach. NavAlert Red Light Speed Camera Warning System. | Baby Postage| Contact US | Sitemap | Personal | Postage | Promotion| Discounts| Information| Photo Blockers| Photo Books