Postage Photo Stamps

Photo Stamps give you the chance to turn your personal photos into real U.S. Postage Stamps.

Photo Stamp

Postage Photo Stamps

You can alter the postage horizontal and the border with color. Then hit the customize button to use the rest of the buttons to swap from horizontal to vertical, and Colors to change the color of the border. Text can be altered using by changing font, color, size, and position on the usps postage. All stamps on a sheet of 20 stamps that must have the same design and postage, but you can order as many different type of make of sheets as you want.

Postage Photostamps

You can simply begin by uploading a photo, then choosing an image from your existing Image file or by choosing an image from one of our Specials. We offer a great quantity of discounts that are based on the total number of stamps that you ordered. Thus you can order sheets with different postages or in different denomination. The best way to create the best Photo Stamps all you need to do is upload a recent photo of you or your family, then customize it using our easy to use program, we will place your order. Our program allows you to adjust, relocate or rotate your image. | Baby Postage| Contact US | Sitemap | Personal | Postage | Promotion| Discounts| Information| Photo Blockers| Photo Books