Photo Stamps Promotion

Photo Stamps give you the chance to turn your personal photos into real U.S. Postage Stamps.

Photo stamps

Photo Stamps Promotion

Printing and editing your personal images for the postage that you need. Once you have selected an image for your stamps, then you can then further make that image or add more images for your project. You can also add additional images by notifying us in advance and then clicking more of the links that are available. Stamp Promotions Weight Rate Postcards 24 cents 1 oz 39 cents 1 oz, odd shapes 52 cents 2 oz 63 cents 3 oz 87 cents 4 oz $1.11 Priority US Mail below 16 oz 4.05

Photostamps Promotion

Because of the latest technology that we use to regulate the right postage, the newest postal machines will not leave post marks on the postage. This product for the first time consumer will be able to fully design their own postage that they can use with the latest mail in the United States. You may purchase Photo Stamps in 1 of 8 different postage denominations ranging from a 23 cents post card to 37 cent regular 1st class mail to 4.85 for large packages You can look for a US picture or look for the Photo Stamps before you buy any postage product anywhere for your personal use. | Baby Postage| Contact US | Sitemap | Personal | Postage | Promotion| Discounts| Information| Photo Blockers| Photo Books